Wood shredding machine is the best equipment


The broken range of wood shredder equipment is broken from waste wood, wood, wood, logs, bamboo wood, branches, leaves, weeds, fruit tree branches, and then to the corn core and straw. Different materials are used in power generation, paper making, furniture factories, edible fungi, charcoal and other fields.
The wood shredder is a versatile and versatile machine with standardized modular design. The interchangeability of parts is better. The auxiliary tool is made of the die forgings. The special alloy steel is made of special special technology, which has the characteristics of good wear resistance and high strength. The driving part adopts the middle gear transmission to form a differential relation. The screen is easy to disassemble, beautiful in appearance and compact in structure.
Zhengzhou Shuguang machinery wood shredder design is reasonable, it can evenly tear the material, high yield, low energy consumption, high efficiency and even discharging. When using the equipment, workers have low noise, no pollution, simple operation and convenient maintenance. The whole structure is reasonable, the conveyor can be automatically fed and the security check is effective. It is a good investment project for you.

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