The comminution range of wood pulverizer equipment


The emergence of wood pulverizer equipment, the original difficult to eliminate a large amount of green waste into treasure, create new economic value, at the same time the volume of the original 1/10, can save a lot of transportation costs, reduce the space on the road branch storage station, clean environmental sanitation, reduce pollution. Especially in orchards, botanical gardens and landscaping departments, trimmed values, trunk and leaves can be used as fertilizer.
The machine can be powered by motors, diesel engines or gasoline engines, and can be moved and smashed or fixed. Wood mill can crush wood, tree trunk, branch, stalk, bamboo pole, bamboo pole, wood block, tree branch, leaf, bark, bamboo branch, bamboo leaf, feed, chemical raw material and so on into wood or sawdust. The crushed materials are widely used in the sawdust board, the particleboard, the fiberboard, the pulp and paper pulping, the mechanism of charcoal, and the organic manure in the garden. It is very suitable for the small and medium enterprises or the individual timber operators.

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