Shredder industry emerging equipment continues to develop


Waste wood after shredding machine processing uses a wide range of purposes, as the state continued to pay attention to environmental protection, waste furniture, shredder investment prospects getting better and better, specifically for your introduction:
Waste wood is produced almost at all times, and most of them are mixed and disposed of in municipal waste. In fact, as long as a simple calculation, the result is amazing. The average amount of municipal waste produced annually in China is about 30 billion tons. Owing to the continuous development of the real estate market, all kinds of wood waste occupy a large part of the total. If it is recycled, the economic value and social value created by it will be immeasurable.
With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, more and more all kinds of wood waste, like waste building templates, used wood floors, old furniture, logistics crates, continue to pollute our living environment, but also for the garbage transfer station added Less stress. In fact, these abandoned timber can be processed again. If a large amount of waste wood is recycled for recycling, good quality crushed chips, fibreboard or various disassembled furniture made from shredder equipment can be made into packaging materials for reuse and wood without processing value can be sold as biofuels To the power plant for boiler power generation, to avoid waste wood directly buried, incineration, indirectly protect the forest resources, but also created economic value.
Shuguang Heavy Machinery manufacturing shredder equipment applications more widely, we continue to draw domestic and foreign advanced technology, continuous improvement and innovation, the structure is more mature, more stable operation, the perfect solution to the old equipment afraid of nails, iron, cement, etc. The shortcomings of hard materials, equipment maintenance is simple, saving more manpower and resources. The prospect of emerging industries mainly depends on the use of output products, whether it is in line with the needs of the present society and the disposal of discarded wood, which not only saves material waste, but also saves energy and protects the environment, saving and protecting social resources and creating a substantial economy value.

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