The advantages of the waste paper shredding machine


The waste paper shredder is a better equipment to deal with paper waste paper at present. The scope of use is also extensive. It can handle plastic film, woven bags, domestic refuse, etc., and can be handled with suitable shredders. In the process of waste paper processing, the shredding machine adopts the slow shear principle, the material is tore, extruded and cut through shredding, extruding and shearing. The waste paper is broken into small pieces of material and discharged from the screen hole.
The machine is driven by two cutter axes by hydraulic or motor, and the cutting edge of the knife shaft is cut, the cutting edge of the cutter and the cylindrical surface of the cutter form shear, the torque and the speed difference of the cutter shaft are ripped to achieve the crushing effect. The high-end brand of Shuguang waste paper shredding machine, in the low speed and high torque production process, will not appear the phenomenon of winding, or card dead equipment, thus improving the production efficiency, the equipment is suitable for the crushing of various materials with high toughness and stickiness. The utility model has the advantages of reasonable structure, strong shearing force, no winding main shaft in the movement process, and high work efficiency.

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