Treatment of waste tires by tires shredding machine


Improving the comprehensive utilization level of waste tires, speeding up the development of the refurbishment of old tires and recycling of waste tires is an important measure to alleviate the extreme shortage of rubber resources in China, and also an inevitable choice to develop the recycling economy of the rubber industry. How should we recycle these waste tyres? What equipment is good for?
The tyre shredding machine provides a platform for the recycling of waste tires, which consists of the motor, the reducer, the rotating cutter shaft, the imported moving knife, the fixed knife, the frame, the frame, the box, and so on. The frame is equipped with a fixed knife 11, and the rotating knife shaft is equipped with 44 removable embed knives, and the moving knife is two sides to use a knife, and then dismantle and replace the angle after blunt, until both sides are used blunt then the knife. Because it is the claw type moving knife, rotary cutting, and the fixed knife and the moving knife are the material of SKD11 in Japan. After heat treatment, the hardness reaches more than HRC60, so the service life is long, the shredding ability is strong, the capacity is high, and the normal use of up to 1000 tons is necessary for the grinder, with the conveyor belt, automation, rationalization and labor saving. Effective reduction of labor intensity and improvement of working environment.

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