Causes of fuselage vibration in work of steel shredder


The steel shredder machine has the advantages of reasonable design, meticulous material, high automation, low noise, high output, and the rapid occupation of the shredder machine equipment market. Some users reflect the vibration of the shredder machine in the production process. What is the cause of it?
In the process of rotating, the equipment of steel bar shredder can stop to straighten or replace the bearing to solve the vibration caused by the bending deformation of the main bearing. If the blade is mistaken, the blade should be replaced when the blade is replaced, which can guarantee the weight of the rotor, and avoid the vibration and the rotation of the rotors with the hand. By the way, check if there are some hammers that are clamped tightly. Make sure the weight difference between the two hammers is less than 5 grams when the hammers are flexible and assembled. When installing the scrap tearing machine, we must make the professional staff operate, use the cement to make the bottom, fix the bottom angle of the equipment and firmly, prevent the problem of the loosening of the equipment. Check for excess clearance and damaged bearings, and check the weight of the parts on the rotor to maintain balance. The uneven wear caused by abnormal vibration indicates that the counterhammer is not suitable for continuous use and needs to be replaced. Secondly, the material will cause abnormal vibration, and then check the feeding granularity to ensure that the materials meet the requirements.

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