What factors affect the grain size of the shredding machine?


The shredding machine is made of new material and has the characteristics of wear resistance and impact resistance. It can adjust the required yardstick according to the request of consumers. The particle size of the shredder will directly affect the finished product pass rate. What are the factors affecting the particle size?
1. In addition to the hardness of the material itself, the factors affecting the grain size of the shredding machine are also related to the size of the granularity, the structure of the material, the scale of the ore outlet and the lax state of the material in the shredding cavity.
2. When the shredder is torn up, whether the material layer is torn or the single particle is torn, the feeding particle size is strengthened, and the particle size of the product becomes smaller. Therefore, in the R & D design, we should select the suitable size of the shredder and adjust the size of the ore discharge scale according to the size of the feed.
3. The material layer shredding can reduce the particle size of the torn product better than the single particle shredding. Therefore, we should try to keep the suitable material layer in the torn cavity of the shredder to minimize the particle size of the torn product.

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