Shredder motor replacement should be careful!!


The shredder can not change the motor which is equipped with the manufacturer. Why can't it be changed at will? The shredding machine can shredder the material into granules for many kinds of material, whether it is the hardness, the size, the difficulty and so on. It has a very extensive effect in the shredding process of the raw materials in various industries.
Among the most important parts of the shredding machine, it is not only the blade, but the machine is also very important. The machine requirements of the shredding machine are also very high, and the requirements of the different types of machine that can be matched by the shredder machine are also many. Shredding machine in the operation of the time is relying on the motor drive, different type of shredder machine equipment motor power is not the same, big is waste, small is not moved, so simply burn the motor, and a lot of trouble for the shredder machine production. Therefore, do not underestimate the choice of the shredder motor is also very important. When you buy a shredding machine, do you pay attention to the motor of the shredder machine? The motor selection of the shredding machine is also very important. The electronic heating is a situation, the load is high, the motor fan is damaged, the motor bearing is damaged, the motor environment is sealed and the heat is not filled, the ambient temperature is high. You need to measure the motor current and see the over rated current. Then check the motor fan and the environment. The motor fumes clarify that the temperature of the motor is too high.

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