Shredder should pay attention to timely maintenance


Shredders from the parts to the appearance of the new transformation, and also create a large reserve for use, these are the need to establish favorable conditions for liquidity, suitable for this type of very large number, regardless of capacity, power, size and shape are Is wholeheartedly designed and manufactured to meet the needs of increasing production and completing work tasks. Modernization is the continuous replacement of science and technology, more important new forms. In the structure of the old equipment continue to replace the old, damaged equipment, as part of maintenance, greatly improve the utilization rate, the production process closely linked at the same time set the assembly line, and automatic management of synchronization, both save Time is good for production.
1. Timely inspection and cleaning, daily work is over, should promptly clean the machine, check whether the loosening of all parts of the screws and wearing parts such as claw, sieve and other wear and tear.
2. Filling grease, the most commonly used in the bearing assembly cap oil cup. Under normal circumstances, as long as every 2 hours to rotate the oil cap 1/4 laps, the cup of grease can be pressed into the bearing. In the case of closed bearings, grease may be dispensed every 300 hours. After long-term use, if deterioration of grease, bearings should be cleaned and replaced with new grease. Machine work, the bearing temperature must not exceed 40 ℃, as in normal operating conditions, the bearing temperature continues to rise, you should find out the reason, try to troubleshoot.
3. Careful cleaning of raw materials to be smashed, non-mixed with copper, iron, lead and other metal parts and larger stones and other debris into the crushing room.
4. Do not arbitrarily improve the shredder speed, the general allowable difference with the rated speed of 8% -10%. When shredding machine with a larger power machine supporting work, should pay attention to control the flow and make the flow uniform, can not suddenly slow.

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