Effective maintenance of the blade of a shredding machine


The effective maintenance of the blade of the shredder can reduce the effective service life of the equipment. Everyone knows that the shredder equipment plays a very important role in waste recovery and treatment. It can tear up all kinds of waste materials and operate simply and quickly. The blade of torn blade is the focal point of all dimensional maintenance of the equipment. How to carry out maintenance for the blade of the shredder? Shuguang machinery is here to explain to the big guy the problem of blade maintenance.
1. The alloy head of the blade of the tearing machine has a sharp and sensitive edge. In the process of moving, installing and disassembling the blade, it is necessary to protect the alloy head from damage.
2. Regularly check the radial runout of the spindle of the instrument and the swing to ensure the mutual agreement between the blades of the tearing machine.
3. Before shredding blades are torn, the operator must take protective equipment and check whether the shield is intact. The economic cost of the subsequent attachments shall be 30 seconds after the installation of the shredder blade is stable, and the work will start to be torn apart after determining all the normal conditions.

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