How to judge the wear of the lining plate of the shredding machine


Liner parts occupy a very important position in the whole of the shredder fittings in the system, its main function is to protect the host from the cavity damage torn scrap metal material impact, it is also because the lining parts work environment is very bad, so the loss of the lining board is necessary, also can not change the user. The only change is that the shredder lining quality selection and life extension of the plate, so the choice of lining plate of high quality accessories can stabilize the shredder shredding production, but also reduce the user spending extra money.
In order to ensure the normal operation of the shredder operation, users need to check out the liners in time and replace them in time. How to make sure whether the loss of lining parts is normal?
To control the loss time of liner parts, it is necessary to ensure its basic quality. That is to say, when users choose to buy the shredder liners, we must carefully check whether the quality of the lining is qualified, and what materials are made. Liner correct installation will be normal tear production, this time the user and not neglect, not because of the high quality lining board choose not to feel able to once and for all, the stability of the quality of the timing check. Tear cavity metal material shredder and impact liner accessories will cause the loss, the user can tear after production downtime to inspect the lining board wear surface, make the inspection records and shredder after long-term production such as user centered lining thickness plate is two or three of the original thickness, so you need to be replaced the new lining board, if the user can use the ruler to measure difficult to grasp.

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