How to overcome the card material with the double shaft shredder?


The double shaft shredder equipment is a well-known multi-functional shredder equipment for the shredding of various metal materials, wrap-around plastics, and rubbish, but some users are running double-shaft shredder equipment. Occasionally there will be card material phenomenon, today we will bring you the reasons for the double shaft shredder card material analysis and how to avoid the double shaft shredder card material.
Although the double shaft shredder is known as a multifunctional shredder device, it only represents a wide range of shredding in a double shaft shredder and is not a shred of any double shaft shredder. For example, a relatively thick metal block, or a material with a harder material, or a shredder that exceeds the size range of the material, these materials are not suitable for shredding by a double shaft shredder, and forcible tearing of these materials will occur. Causes the double shaft shredder to jam, and severely can also cause damage to the double shaft shredder.
So how to avoid the metal shredder card material phenomenon? In layman's terms, it means that we must be familiar with the application of the double shaft shredder. We have a broad understanding of the shredder's shredder range. We must follow the three-point rule. First, we must not exceed the shredder's shredding material. The hardness range, and second, can not exceed the maximum range of shredder material of the double shaft shredder. Third, we must operate the double axis shredder strictly in accordance with the rules. We have to make a shredder test machine in advance for some uncertain and difficult materials. Work to maximize the avoidance of shredder jamming.

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