How to determine the wear and tear of the double shaft shredder blade?


The first period: also known as the period of early wear. As the above surface roughness of the new equipment is not smooth, there are some small folds, oxidation or carbon layer and a series of shortcomings. The device has sharp margins, and the pressure on the surface is not large with the external touch. Therefore, during the period, the tool wear in the two axis shredder is also called the operation of the equipment. This period is not recommended replacing things, because it is the maximum operating cycle of the device performance, to create the maximum value.
Second period: This is the normal wear and tear of the running in. After a period of time, the rough appearance was basically worn by the polished knives and knives, but because of the unprecedented sharp margins, the wear degree was very slow. So the thin film tearing machine is very stable and slow during the normal running condition.
Third period: This is the most important period, the need to pay close attention to the wear and tear of the blade. If the width of the abrasive belt extends to a certain limit, the appearance roughness, cutting force and cutting temperature will be added quickly, and the wear rate will add quickly, which will cause the tool failure and lose the cutting ability. In the reasonable use of the production of things to ensure the quality of processing, it should be prevented from reaching a period of wear. It is necessary to change the knife or replace the knife in time before the arrival of the period.

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