What is the shape of scrap metal processed by the double shaft shredder?


What is the shape of scrap metal after processing by a double shaft shredder? In order not to cause users to confuse the metal crusher and metal shredder, Zhengzhou Tough Light Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. will show you the crushing effect of the two devices through the following article. The first choice is the comminution effect of the double shaft shredder. Due to the double shaft shear principle, all types of metals are usually cut into strips or strips when they are used for crushing various types of metals. The effect of waste processing is often segment-based. In addition, the metal crusher is used. Because the machine uses the hammering principle to perform powder crushing processing, the machined material after the machine is more than spherical or massive, and its shape and structure are usually determined mainly based on the mechanical properties of the broken material. This type of machine is usually used as the final crushing effect of the scrap metal market. It is used directly for converter steelmaking in steel mills. The double-shaft crusher is usually used as a large-scale component crusher for coarse crushing of large-scale steel scrap. Cut and crush it to meet the metal crusher processing requirements.
As a new large-scale metal crushing device, the double shaft shredding machine is also known as the double shaft shredder in terms of product professional name. This machine has been gradually applied to various types of large-scale garbage disposal centers and urban automobile dismantling crushing centers in recent years. Paper waste crushing plant, harmless treatment center for dead animals, and other areas that cannot be reached by existing crushing equipment.

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