How to polish the metal shredder equipment blade after being blunt?


The most important accessory in metal shredding equipment is the blade. The blade will become dull after being used for a period of time. How to repair and polish the metal shredder equipment? Zhengzhou Shuguang Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. will share with you the grinding method of the metal shredder blades, hoping to help you.
Grinding with surface grinder: The grinding effect of the surface grinder is very good. Using the surface grinder to grind the blade of the metal shredder blade not only can effectively protect the blade, but also the final result is very good. The grinding quality is absolutely Protection. Grinding with a grinding wheel: Lifting the grinding wheel is believed to be familiar to many people. In the daily life, the use frequency of the grinding wheel is very high, so it is a good choice to use the grinding wheel to grind the metal shredding machine blade. The familiarity of the manual operation also gives us a good grasp of the grinding process. Use automatic knife sharpening machine: If you want to save a little effort, automatic grinding machine is undoubtedly the best choice, simple and easy to grasp.

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