What needs to be done in daily maintenance of plastic crusher?


The function of the high pressure micro powder mill reducer is a kind of mechanical equipment which is used to crush the waste plastic. Its appearance greatly reduces the environmental pollution and the waste of raw materials caused by plastic. Users who have used plastic shredder know whether the equipment can work smoothly and smoothly, its daily maintenance and maintenance is particularly important. Although it can not avoid the failure of the plastic crusher, the failure rate can be reduced to the lowest, and the following will be shared by some plastic shredders in daily maintenance and maintenance. What are the methods in it.
For the maintenance and maintenance of the plastic crusher from the usual start, for example, in the operation of the equipment should be preheated, and then appropriate to fit the material suitable for the mill equipment. Then, after the work is completed, the equipment will be closed after all the materials are discharged, and the residual materials on the machine will be cleaned in time. Second is to do a good job in maintenance and maintenance, in maintenance to pay attention to the use of lubricating oil, and the equipment to clean up the oil pollution, check the tightness of the bolt, and check the wear and tear of the various parts, such as the serious wear and tear in time to replace, the maintenance and maintenance of plastic shredder from the usual start, and stick to it can effectively improve the service life of equipment.

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