Pipe shredder working principle and characteristics


Life pipe shredder hopper hopper upper and lower body are made of high quality A3 steel tailored welded, and based on the original model to be improved. Will vote hopper and the body is designed to double-filled insulation inside the material, so that work noise is greatly reduced, to adapt to environmental requirements. Hopper and the body into a horizontal direction, easy to feed, the upper feed port can be broken into pieces and pieces of material, under the upper and lower body with the anchor bolt connection, loosen the fastening bolts, turn the lifting rod hand wheel on the body and feed hopper Lift up for easy cleaning. Change tool change sieve and adjust the blade gap, use and maintenance are very convenient. Made of stainless steel Seiko factory production, particularly durable, easily and easily crush various types of soft and hard plastic.
Noise protection design before and after, minimal noise. Streamlined design, small footprint, easy maintenance. Door separated than the design, cleaning for the net is particularly easy. The motor is equipped with overload protection and power chain lock protection to protect machinery and human life.
Manufacturing process is mature, the body, knife and other components with the overall processing, to ensure component accuracy. Crush plastic head, PVC outlet material, there are special grinders to choose from, to meet different needs. It is suitable for smashing waste clothes, waste shoes, waste quilts, household products, waste wood, waste plastics, animal carcasses, gardening waste, medical waste, food waste, solid waste, e-waste, industrial waste, Garbage and so on.

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