Introduction of the production line of the tyre shredder


The tyre shredder production line can be processed and processed for all kinds of tires, such as waste tires, wire tyres, fiber tyres, inner tubes, etc., and other waste rubber other than the tires can be processed into rubber particles. Henan waste tire rip machine equipment factory - the strength manufacturer double Sheng machine tire rip machine, is the use of physical method of tire recycling, without any pollution, the split into thirty - one hundred small particles, at the same time the tires of steel wire, fiber 100% of the separation, make the tire regenerative capital The "black gold" of the source. It can be used for recycling, crushing, crushing, sorting and granulation of PU, PVC and all kinds of rubber and plastic products. Zhengzhou Shuguang machine tire shredder has many characteristics, ultra-low power consumption, treatment at normal temperature, high automation and complete physical process, full closed production, no pollution, small area of the equipment, high capacity per unit area, stable performance, long life, convenient and complete separation of fiber and steel wire Rubber powder, and automatic classification and packaging.

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