Highly praised by customers for the oil drum shredder


Oil drum shredders are commonly used shredders for shredder drums. In recent years, there has been an increase in the use of oil barrels by various countries in the world, and the number of barrels of oil that have been discarded has also increased. In order to re-use these abandoned oil barrels, the oil barrel shredder equipment is used.
The oil drum shredder generally consists of a shredding mechanism, a bracket, a recovery box and a pull cart. The size of the equipment is determined by the size of the material and the amount of material handled. The oil drum shredder adopts a standardized modular design, and the zero-part interchangeability is better than the straw shredder accessories. The cutters are made of special alloy steels through a special process, and have good wear resistance and high strength and can be repaired. The drive section uses four drives, which are driven by a heavy-duty planetary gear reducer, and the spindles run differentially. The thickness of the tool and the number of jaws can be changed according to different materials. Broken material can be equipped with a pressure device to increase production. Rotary screens can also be added to control the discharge size. When straw shredder runs at low speed, noise and dust can reach higher environmental standards. In the actual use of the user has been widely praised. By the majority of users trust and affirmation.

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