Advantages of the new plastic type shredder


After a brand-new design, the working principle of the new type plastic shredder has been studied and analyzed comprehensively. The structure and material of the cutter have been systematically improved, so that it has greater tearing ability. Shuguang also uses high-quality motors with low noise and good heat resistance to drive the shredder to work, and strives to build perfect shredder equipment from every angle.
In the process of using the plastic shredder, the material is fed into the inlet and outlet through the conveyor belt. In the shredding chamber, the materials are processed into small pieces or blocks by means of cutting, extrusion, grinding and other methods through the mutual cooperation of the cutting tools. Shuguang Machinery has very mature technical experience in the production process of shredder, and constantly improves the shredder from the user's point of view, so that it can more adapt to the user's discharge requirements, as well as operating habits.
And the improved plastic shredder equipment has many advantages, such as changing knives sometimes in the use process. In this regard, Shuguang optimizes the design of the tool holder to simplify the process of changing knives and save time. The design of the blade adopts manganese steel material, which has stronger cutting force and wear resistance. In addition, the design of electronic control devices is more secure, and in the case of circuit failure or power failure, the equipment can be protected from damage.

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