What are the general differences in mining crusher prices?


The mining crusher price in the market is actually the difference is very large, the strength of different manufacturers will have differences, different types of equipment will be different. So these differences in price are reflected in what areas? It is fitting or the production process?
The mining crusher is mainly composed of these parts: blade, reducer, motor and gearbox. Cause mining crusher equipment prices so great difference is in the blade and the reducer.
Because the mining crusher is mainly used for processing waste materials, so the blade is to choose a good material. mining crusher different blade by different material composition, of course, different material blade quotation is different, so it will affect the whole equipment price.
There is a speed reducer, mining crusher can tear up all kinds of material or material thickness is large, mainly due to its powerful bite force, which requires extremely powerful torque. While the motor speed is constant, constant torque, so it depends on the speed reducer through deceleration, to increase the torque of the mining crusher. The price performance will also affect the speed reducer, you choose which kind of use.

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