Working principle of large plastic shredder


The working principle of the large plastic bottle shredder: the material enters the torn box body through the feeding system, and the box is loaded with tearing blades and metal shredders. After the material is torn, the blade is torn, extruded, cut and so on, the material is shredded into small pieces and discharged from the lower part of the box. Plastic recycling is now worth our attention, it is worth considering its importance, of course, plastic products can not leave our life, but the recycling of these waste plastic products in the use of this is undoubtedly to bring us a good.
Plastic brings convenience and benefits to people's life and production, but also produces a lot of pollution. Data show that about 70% to 80% of the total plastics will be converted into waste plastics in 10 years, and 50% of them will be converted into waste plastics within 2 years. These waste plastics are discarded and unhandled properly, and the rip machine will bring great harm to the environment. How to use the waste plastic treatment again? In accordance with market demand, our factory produces plastic rip machine equipment, large plastic bottle rip machine equipment is used to tear up high density polyethylene HDPE plastic products and materials, conducive to plastic recycling and recycled plastic particles. For example: mineral water bottles, PET bottles, oil bottles, petrol bottles, plastic barrels and so on.

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