How to Solve the Breakage of Spindle of Tire Shredder


Tire shredders are widely used in shredding various materials, including waste rubber, tires, plastic products and so on. Among shredder parts, the spindle is an important part of tire shredder. After long-term use, it will inevitably lead to axle breakage. Once axle breakage occurs, don't panic. First shut down the equipment for inspection, find the reason and then solve the problem.
Usually, there are three reasons for spindle fracture: material quality problems, human or external factors, aging of long-term use parts. The first two are hardly problems in the eyes of slightly professional people. Material quality problems can be seen through observation, replacing high-quality spindle can be done, and human or external factors lead to the need for pairs of spindles. Operators ask if there are incorrect operation steps or neglect of some details in the daily operation leading to axle breakage, which requires the manufacturer to verify itself. Then the aging of components need not be said much, it will break naturally after a long time, but it is also necessary to check whether the material is a problem, because this is also possible.
Daily maintenance and overhaul is a good way to prolong the service life of other parts such as the main optical axis. We should also pay attention to material selection and operation so as to avoid wear and tear of the axle.Shuguang Heavy Machinery has nearly 30 years experience in manufacturing shredding equipment and recycling system for scrap tires, metal, wood, solid waste. We are professional in tire shredder, metal shredder, wood shredder,solid waste shredder and e-waste shredder.

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