The floor leather shredding machine should pay attention to the maintenance


The key to achieve high efficiency in the entire operation of the shredder is the blade. Why do you say that? If the knife is blunt and worn, it is sure to stop working. So it's the core of the soul of the tearing machine. Therefore, it is very important for blade inspection and maintenance. In particular, we should pay attention to whether the inspector lubricants are inadequate, and the lack of lubricating oil will cause unsmooth operation. Therefore, we should pay attention to the need to use lubricants to maintain the blades and other parts when the lubricating oil is insufficient. This can make it run more smoothly. In order to improve efficiency and benefit, the inspection and maintenance of the blade of the shredder are in place.
In addition, the quality of the blade is also critical to the floor tearing machine, which determines the overall performance, efficiency and overall quality of the tearing machine. The advantages and disadvantages of the blade of the floor leather shredder are important to see the material and manufacturing process. The blade of the Shuguang mechanical floor leather tearing machine is made of high quality manganese steel and then made by heat treatment process. It has the characteristics of very strong and wear-resistant.

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