Prevent high temperature of double shaft shredder motor


Motor is the power source of the double shaft shredder. Motion means friction and heat. When the rated voltage and power are normal, the motor will not generate too high temperature. Moreover, the belt pulley-driven two-axis tear machine, obviously more flexible than the gear-driven, can be designed to place more easily cooled position.
Bearing is the most important part of the two-shaft tear machine. When working at high temperature, always pay attention to the bearing state temperature, make it maintain a good lubrication state, and pay attention to sound and vibration abnormalities. If abnormality is found, stop immediately to check and find out the cause, to confirm whether the object is not easy to break the card owner, or hammer and other parts have been damaged.
In the operation of the machine, friction heat will cause no temperature rise, can be lubricated with lubricating oil, the heat of constant friction will make the oil temperature to take away heat, so that the temperature of the friction surface is reduced, which is also a more practical method.

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