Replacement of the blade of a double shaft shredding machine


As one of the most worn parts of the double shaft shredder, the blade of the double shaft shredder should be replaced in time. The reason is that if the blade of a double  shaft shredding machine appears in constant operation the blade of one claw is worn badly, it will easily lead to the wear of the other claw blades. Because a blade affects the normal operation of other blades, it will lead to no obvious shredding effect, even cause the failure of the double shaft  shredding machine, so it is very important to change the blade of the double shaft  shredding machine in time. So, how to replace the blade of a double shaft shredding machine? It's very simple, you can prepare a set of cutting tools. When the cutter is used for a period of time, the wear will need to be replaced, and the tools after the replacement will not be abandoned, so long as the grinding machine is used to wear a grinding mill, it will continue to use. In this way, the use of double shaft shredder blades will not only delay the efficiency of the double shaft shredders, but also save more financial resources for enterprises.

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