Different materials corresponding to different shredder blades


As a professional shredding machine, the shredding machine can choose different blades according to different materials. The size of the material and the shape of the pulverization have a great relationship with the specifications of the blade of the rip machine. So when choosing blades, we need to choose according to the materials we need to shredder. So what should we pay attention to when selecting blades? Next, follow the professional shredding machine manufacturer to find out.
The quality of the shredding machine is determined by the blade, and the blade is determined by the material, but the materials made by different materials are also different. Shredders can be shredded materials not only have wood, plastic, rubber, metal and other materials, and these materials are hard and soft. So the selection of the blade material determines the material used in the rip machine, and the powerful function of the rip machine can not be separated from the choice of the blade, so it is important to understand the characteristics of the rip material when choosing the equipment, so that the manufacturer can provide the most suitable choice for the user according to the rip material.

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