Metal Crusher Mill Chamber and Suspension Axle Components


Metal crusher milling chamber and suspended shaft components. There has been such a phenomenon in the operation of the metal crusher that the working metal crusher suddenly stops and cannot be started. In order to not affect the normal work, technicians through the detection of the machine troubleshooting analysis, but the usual detection is no problem, had to try to disassemble the metal crusher. Through the unpacking of the metal crusher, it was found that the sliding bearing of the suspension shaft was dead, and there was a lot of sludge in the suspension shaft cavity. For this reason, it may be that the gap at the outlet is large, and the pressure in the cavity of the suspension shaft is less than the pressure in the milling chamber, so that the dust enters the suspended shaft cavity. There is also a situation in which the use of a manual disk to find that some of the rollers rotate without turning, and that the roller and grinding ring have an avalanche analysis are caused by poor lubrication of the roller bearings. In order to remove the fault, normal production can be performed as long as the fault is solved.
Metal crusher is a new type, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection metal crushing equipment. It should be urgently needed by the market, combined with the essence of crushing equipment at home and abroad to crush the waste metal. In order to ensure the normal use of the metal crusher, the pins are subjected to uniform forces, and the pin holes of the motor-to-wheel and compressor flywheels must be reprocessed. Ensure the assembly precision of the coupling and the concentricity of the motor and the compressor, formulate a reasonable disassembly and assembly scheme, and use a torque wrench to evenly lock the fastening pins. Before starting the test run, it is necessary to strictly check whether the installation of the various parts of the machine meets the requirements. If the screws and bolts are loose, use the hand to gently pull the belt to try and check if there is a phenomenon such as touching the shell. At the same time check the direction of rotation, it is strictly prohibited to crush flammable and explosive materials to avoid accidents.

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