How to maintain a commercial shredder machine?


How to maintain the blade of commercial shredder machine to be durable? Whether it is commercial shredder machine, commercial shredder machine or metal shredder, blade is an indispensable part of it, because it will directly affect the efficiency of commercial shredder machine. This is a factor that can not be ignored for manufacturers, so how can the blade of commercial shredder machine prolong its service life? Below by Zhengzhou Dawn Machinery technicians from the following three points for your analysis.
1. At present, most of the raw materials of blades are made of alloy steel. Although this material is sharp, it is also prone to wear and fracture. Therefore, before using, we must ensure that there are no other impurities in the torn materials, such as iron or stone, which are hard objects mixed into the torn materials.
2. Because of the high working intensity of the commercial shredder machine, the temperature of the blade will increase after the shredder works for a period of time. If the heat dissipation of the blade is not good, it will affect the life of the blade, but also affect the quality of life of the equipment. Therefore, we should pay special attention to the heat dissipation of the blade of the commercial shredder machine.
3. Check whether the blade of the equipment is damaged or notched before starting each machine. If the blade is found to be worn and blunt, take it off and polish it. At present, shredder equipment and crushing equipment have adopted blade secondary reinforcement, such as coating technology, is the surface heat treatment skills, so as to keep the blade sharp while maintaining the blade itself.

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