What are the technical parameters of coal crushing equipment?


The technical parameters of coal crushing for the milling equipment are more stringent. Coal is different from other minerals. It has flammability and explosiveness. Therefore, the matters needing attention and the differences in the selection of crushing and grinding equipment are different. The coal crusher Which technical parameters of the powder machine should be the most attention and importance? Take this question together to learn about it.
What are the main technical parameters of conventional ore milling machines? Conventional model mills are concerned about the yield, finished product fineness, and feed size. The fineness of millable materials used as milling equipment reflects the technical and performance indicators of the machine, while the output relates to the production efficiency and profitability of the company's operations. No, the feed port size has a direct relationship to the operation of the production is smooth, so these three aspects of technical parameters in the customer to pay more attention when buying, in addition to the power of the mill, the mill covers an area, the greater the power The greater the power consumption, the higher the cost to be put into production, and the factory floor area is limited. For this reason, the choice of equipment is also affected by this factor, so the main consideration for the general milling equipment Technical parameters have the above points.
What is the difference between the direction of the technical parameters of the coal mill and the conventional mill? The difference between coal and other ores is that it has certain flammability, and the coal mill happens to be a powder production equipment. Everyone knows that the powder particles will explode when they reach a certain concentration at a certain temperature or spark. Therefore, coal is flammable, and the principle of grinding mill is that the material is crushed under the grinding and grinding of the grinding roller ring, so the generation of heat is also inevitable. A slight error in this working environment will cause a blasting accident. The huge loss caused by human casualties and property, which is the biggest difference between coal and other minerals, is also a key point that must be considered. This requires the pulverizer to be more perfect in safety protection measures in addition to the general mill technical performance, in particular, the flameproof and explosion-proof treatment device must comply with national safety standards.

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