What should we do when the shredder suddenly smokes?


The shredder is not unfamiliar to everyone. Our garbage and many hard metals are processed by shredders. The metal shredder can tear most of the metals. Because the blade is made of special metal, and because the direction of rotation of the blade is different, this increases the tearing strength of the shredder. However, we often encounter some problems, that is, sometimes our shredder will smoke situation, encounter these conditions we do not need to be anxious, calm face. Of course, the most important thing is to cut off the power supply first, and then we need to calmly analyze the reasons for this situation. Today, let's specify how to deal with the sudden smoke from the shredder, and how to analyze the reasons from several aspects.
1. The equipment line may have problems, perhaps the distribution box or other parts have been burnt out.
2. The heat generated during the operation of the equipment is too large, and this part of the heat can not be emitted, so there may be smoke.
3. When operating, we need to add more lubrication to the equipment to ensure lubrication and a heat transfer effect.

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