How to Solve the Excessive Temperature of Motor in Tire Shredder


Motor is the power device of tire shredder, and it is a very important part of shredder equipment. Tire shredder in the process of work, sometimes the motor temperature is too high, so how to cause it, what is the corresponding solution?
1. External temperature is too high, summer temperature is too high is a very important factor, in addition, overload use, will lead to overheating of the motor of the tire shredder.
2. The abnormal vibration of the motor causes the heat of the motor. The ground of the tire shredder should be cleaned in detail to ensure that there is no excess garbage on the ground. Vibration not only produces noise, but also produces rated load.
3. Bearing operation is not normal, it must constitute motor heating. Whether bearing operation is normal or not can be judged by temperature. The bearing end can be checked by hand or thermometer to determine whether the temperature is within the normal range.
4. Winding short circuit, turn-to-turn short circuit, phase short circuit and winding break. When this happens, it is necessary to stop the machine immediately.
5. Material accidentally enters the motor interior, causes the motor insulation to drop, thus causes the motor temperature to rise, should shut down immediately clears the foreign matter.
6. The abnormal operation of the motor, such as the lack of phase operation of the motor, is a common situation. Therefore, correct wiring and leakage protection devices should be equipped, and the relevant specifications should be strictly enforced and regular inspection and protection should be strengthened.

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