Scrap metal shredding machine for metal recycling


Scrap metal refers to the metal pieces, debris, and scrap metal objects that are abandoned by the metallurgical industry and the metal processing industry, as well as metal objects such as metal packaging containers and waste vehicles, which are recycled from rural waste. With the rapid development of the domestic machinery industry, the recycling of recycled metals has been significantly improved. It is understood that the Shuguang metal tearing machine is used to achieve recycled metal recycling.
After the high viscosity material enters the tearing cutter plate, the two rows of cutting edges are continuously stripped, penetrating and tearing, and the opportunity for the sticky material not to be glued can be continuously torn down to the outlet of the multi row edge. It is more simple and convenient for the tearing of the wound material. There is a clear gap between the blade and the speed of the two row of the cutter disc, and the material can be cut off and cut off at a time. So the double shaft tearing machine is a choice for the high viscosity and the wound material. The advantage of the two axis shredder is the uniqueness of its two axis cutter development. The relative two rows of cutters continue to rotate after running, and a tight bite that forms a certain gap on the edge of the cutterhead can control the thickness of the shredded material.

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