Selection of material for superfine Raymond mill dust collector


The material selection of the superfine Raymond mill dust collector is based on the properties of the dust, which can be chosen in terms of two aspects: the flammability and charge of dust, the flow of dust and the friction. The source of dust combustion or explosion is usually caused by friction sparks, electrostatic sparks, and hot particles. This is because the chemical fiber filter material is usually easy to be charged, and if the dust is charged at the same time, it is very easy to produce sparks, so the flame retardant filter material and conductive filter should be selected for flammability and easily charged dust such as pulverized coal, coke powder, aluminum oxide powder and magnesium powder. Fiber woven filter dust bag, such as PVC, PPs, P84, PTEF and other materials used in the dust removal is safe, in the fiber mixed with conductive fiber, it can achieve the effect.
When dust flow and friction are strong, it will wear the dust filter bag directly and reduce the service life. In common dust, aluminum powder, silica fume, coke powder, carbon powder and sintered ore powder belong to high wear dust. Suitable wear resistant filter materials should be selected for wearing dust. The wearing parts and forms of dust removal filter materials are varied, according to experience. The wear of the filter bag is mostly in the lower part, which is due to the low filtration speed on the upper part of the filter bag and the low concentration of dust in the gas.

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