Plastic film shredder equipment processing technology


The plastic film shredder equipment is driven by double shaft independent, so that the material is correspondingly pressed during production to achieve the automatic feeding function. The unique cutter shaft structure and the four-corner rotary cutter can improve the production efficiency in the process of low-speed and high-torque production without twisting the shaft or jamming the equipment.
The plastic shredder equipment processing technology, the waste plastic film is directly sent into the machine cavity by machinery. Through the motor → transmission reducer → drive spindle, the movable knife installed on the main shaft and the fixed knife installed on the frame, the whole bundle of waste plastic film is put into the machine cavity, and shredded to reach the recyclable raw materials.
As a leader in the plastic film shredder equipment industry, Shuguang Machinery is constantly making progress and is investing heavily in the research and development of new technologies. The development of high-tech content, the pace of renewal and replacement is accelerating year by year, using new technology to produce plastic film shredder equipment in line with social needs, has many advantages in production, environmental protection, recycling and other aspects.

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