Large bicycle crusher has great productivity


Shuguang company focuses on the integration of production, learning and research. It has a modern production workshop and a perfect product quality assurance system. It has a complete sales network and strong service system covering the whole country and extending overseas. Adhere to the development direction of energy saving, environmental protection technology and equipment, and provide customers with comprehensive, thoughtful and prompt service, and products cover all parts of the country. Bicycle crusher in recent years, with waste iron and scrap iron and other industries to waste resources, all industries have begun to think of ways to recycle metal materials such as bicycles, motorcycles and other materials. Among them, bicycles and motorcycles are the key industries for recycling. Our company has been researching and developing bicycle crusher equipment after years of practice and technology. Many users will consult some troubleshooting methods when purchasing our bicycle crusher. Here is a brief introduction. The clogging of the bicycle crusher is one of the common failures in the use of the crusher. There may be problems in the design of the machine, but more of it is caused by improper operation. Under the following details: 1. the speed of the feed is too fast, the load is increased, and the congestion is caused. In the process of feeding, it is necessary to pay attention to the large deflection angle of the ammeter pointer at any time. If it exceeds the rated current, the motor overload will be overloaded and the motor will be burned out for a long time. In this case, the feed door should be immediately reduced or closed, and the feeding way can also be changed, and the feed quantity can be controlled by increasing the feeder. There are two kinds of feeder, manual and automatic, and users should choose suitable feeder according to the actual situation. Because the crusher has high rotational speed and large load, and the load fluctuates strongly. Therefore, the current of the crusher is generally controlled at about 85% of the rated current. The 2. discharge pipe is not smooth or plugging into the feed is too fast, which will cause the blockage of the bicycle crusher air inlet; improper matching with the conveying equipment will cause the wind to weaken or after the wind is no wind. After the fault is detected, the conveying equipment should be cleared and changed, and the feed quantity should be adjusted to make the equipment run normally. 3. hammer pieces, aging, mesh hole closure, broken, broken material water content is too high will make the crusher jammed. The broken and severe aging hammer should be updated regularly to maintain the good working state of the crusher and check the screen regularly. The water content of the broken material should be less than 14%, which can not only improve the production efficiency, but also make the crusher not clogged and enhance the reliability of the crusher.

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