Introduction of car carpet shredder


There are many kinds of materials for automobile carpets. They are made of polyester PET carpet on general cars, and nylon PA carpet on high-grade cars. Car carpets are made up of several layers, the simplest carpet is the back of the rubber carpet PET, the complex carpets of the car are more, with the fabric bottom lined, the heavy coating and the PU foam.
The speed of the automobile carpet shredder is relatively slow, which is the characteristic of the equipment. The rotational speed of the car rug shredding machine can be adjusted. It can be set according to different materials. The speed can be adjusted faster on the more easily shredding material. It is broken in the rip that these materials can be easily tore, the speed of the shredding machine is adjusted quickly, the speed can be increased, energy saving and energy saving, with low energy consumption. For the surround, we can adjust the speed more slowly than the rip woven bag, the waste wire and cable, and the shredding speed of the riper can increase the strength, shredder the surround material faster. It is very scientific to adjust the speed of the shredding machine according to different materials. Sometimes it can produce output value, avoid unnecessary wear and extend the life of the rip machine.

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