Intelligent operation metal shredding machine


With the improvement of people's living standards, waste metal garbage has multiplied, such as scrapped cars, old couches, old TV, small to cans, machine heads and other waste materials. In this case, Shuguang machinery produced a new type of metal shredder machine equipment.
The advantage of metal shredding machine is not only to save energy, improve efficiency, but also to reduce pollution in the new industry, shredding the material through the air rotary sorting system, and separating metal and non-metal. In addition, the whole system is equipped with a dust removal device to minimize the harm caused by dust pollution in the production process. The equipment is mainly characterized by high output, low energy consumption, high efficiency and uniform discharge. And when using the equipment, the noise is low, no pollution, simple and convenient operation.
Zhengzhou Shuguang mechanical metal shredding machine is beautiful, generous, harmonization of color matching, strong spray paint, and simple loading port and shredding room; buffer room feeding and import curtain planning, preventing data splashing, shredding room front and back wall with double sound insulation, low noise, belt pulley with protective cover support It's safe. Shuguang mechanical metal shredding machine adopts intelligent operation. It not only saves manpower, improves work efficiency, but also reduces manual labor.

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