Guide to maintain tire shredder belt conveyor


The belt conveyor  also plays a huge role in the normal operation of the tire shredder. In the course of use, it is necessary to do the daily maintenance work of the belt conveyor , which is beneficial to maintain the normal operation of the equipment and prolong the service life. So how do you do daily maintenance work?
1. Pre-start inspection
Check the tightness of all bolts, adjust the tightness of the tape, the degree of tightness is based on the tape does not slip on the drum.
2. Conveyor Belt
1) After using for a period of time, the conveyor belt will relax and the tension screw or counterweight block should be adjusted.
2) When the heart of the conveyor belt is exposed, it should be repaired in time.
3) When the core of the conveyor belt is corroded, broken or corroded, the damaged section should be scrapped.
4) Check the joint of conveyor belt regularly if there is any abnormal situation.
5) Whether the upper and lower rubber surfaces of the conveyor belt are worn or not, and whether the belt has the phenomenon of half-edge friction.
6) When the damage of conveyor belts is serious and need to be replaced, the laying of longer conveyor belts can generally be carried out by pulling new belts with old belts.
3. Brake
1) The brake is liable to be contaminated with oil at the driving device. In order not to affect the braking effect, the oil near the brake should be cleaned up in time.
2) When the brake wheel cracks and the flange thickness wear of the brake wheel reaches 40% of the original thickness, it should be scrapped.
4. Drum
1) Cracks occur at the weld seam, which should be repaired in time, and can be used only after qualified inspection.
2) The ageing and cracking of the coating should be replaced in time.
3) Calcium-sodium base grease No. 1 or No. 2 is used for lubrication of rolling bearings. If three shifts are continuously produced, they are replaced every three months, and the cycle can be prolonged or shortened appropriately according to the situation.
5. idlers
The stock should have spare parts. When the rotation is not flexible or the barrel is worn out, it should be replaced in time.
6. Sweeper
1) When the exposed height of the cleaning scraper is less than 20 mm, it should be adjusted or replaced in time.
2) When the contact between cleaning scraper and tape is not good, it should be adjusted to more than 85% of the equilibrium contact length with the roller busbar.
7. Tension screw
1) When the tension screw is not in use, it should be coated with grease and wrapped in paper to avoid falling into dust.
2) When the tension screw is corroded and cannot rotate, it should be replaced.
8. Reducer
1) The amount of oil in the reducer should be checked regularly.
2) The reducer should be repaired once in half a year and once in two years. Minor repairs include replacing lubricants, checking the condition of transmission gears and sealing of rolling bearings. In addition to minor repairs, major repairs should also dismantle all parts for inspection, repair or replacement. Especially in the case of transmission gears, scrap treatment should be done when one of the following conditions occurs: a) cracks occur; b) pitting corrosion of the tooth surface reaches 30% of the meshing surface and the depth reaches 10% of the tooth thickness; c) the wear of the first meshing gear tooth thickness reaches 10% of the tooth thickness, and the wear of the other gears reaches 20% of the original tooth thickness.
3) Replace the gear reducer or some of its gears. After 500 hours'operation of lubricating oil, all new oil should be replaced.
4) For the long-term continuous working reducer, oil must be changed once every three months; if the temperature rise is found to exceed 60 or the oil temperature exceeds 85 in use, the lubricant must be replaced and reused.
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