Grinding fineness of jaw crusher


Jaw crusher machine must determine the grinding fineness, because grinding is the first step of mineral processing technology, so in order to ensure the stability of production, grinding must ensure stability. Under the condition of a certain amount of ore, the size of the flushing water and the size of the ore will directly affect the fineness and fineness of the grinding. Therefore, the technical operation of ball grinder is very important.
Ore hardness: the hardness of different ores is different. This factor is fixed relative to the same ore and can not be adjusted. However, in the process of production, the rational ore matching can be carried out on the premise of the technical requirements of mineral processing. As far as possible, the size of the ore is uniform and the ratio of lump and powdery ore is reasonable and stable. In addition, in the ball mill belt, the belt may leak out because of long time wear. Most of the leaks are powder ore. This part of the leakage must be added to the ball mill as soon as possible. If a long time is stacked and concentrated, it will cause uneven milling and cause instability in production. In particular, it is an important factor that affects the amount of return sand and the fineness of grinding. The normal production requires that the spindle of the classifier is placed in place.

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