Effectively reduce wear of metal shredder blades


Blade is a very important part of metal shredder, and it is also very easy to wear parts. When the metal shredder is comminuted, the blade is directly in contact with the comminuted material to comminute the parts, so the wear of the blade is inevitable. In daily use, the maintenance and maintenance of metal shredder blade also reduces its wear and tear of a method, no matter how good the equipment, only use not maintenance is in vain. How can we maintain the blades of metal shredders to reduce wear?
Before starting work, check the metal shredder bearing oil shortage, to see the blade sharpness, knife blade there is no gap. Once this happens, please fill up the oil or change the blade and start working again. Metal shredder blades are generally alloy steel, that is, two different materials welded together at high temperature. When feeding, we should pay attention not to iron or stone or other objects; feeding can not be fast or slow, must be uniform feeding; stop feeding when the machine stops, until the metal shredder out of the product and then stop.
In addition to maintenance, to reduce the wear of metal shredder blades, but also to analyze the crushed materials, which materials are not suitable for metal shredder crushing, do not blindly operate, otherwise it will aggravate the wear of blades. Each type of metal shredder has a corresponding crushing material, we must not in the operation of this machine does not adapt to the crushing material into the crushing.

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