Advantages of Shuguang rubber shredding machine


Rubber shredding machine is a specialized machine for crushing waste rubber. It can smash waste rubber, shoe sole, hydraulic pipe, wire skin, seal ring, tire and so on. Our rubber shredder made by Shuguang Machinery has won the support of a large number of users with the advantages of advanced technology, excellent quality, high output and low price. What are the advantages of the Shuguang rubber shredder compared with other enterprises?
1. Our rubber shredder is internally operated with a flail instead of a fixed knife. This is the transformation we have made through many practices. In the past, the rubber shredders with fixed knives could not crush the metal materials. Once the equipment entered the metal, it would cause great damage to the blades. Our improved rubber shredder is not only afraid of metals, but also can be easily crushed like hydraulic pipes and iron sealing rings.
2. Our rubber shredding machine contains two cooling devices, which are wind drop and water drop, which can better guarantee the quality of rubber and avoid the deterioration of the rubber during the crushing.
3. We are professional rubber shredder manufacturers, in terms of equipment quality and technical level are far higher than other manufacturers.

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