Improvement of jaw crusher accessories


Jaw crusher has been widely used in recent years because of its advantages of high operation rate, high output and low energy consumption, and it can crush materials with high hardness. Jaw crusher consists of two jaw plates, dynamic jaw and static jaw. Due to different specifications, feed particle size and material hardness of jaw crusher, the wear degree of accessories of jaw crusher is also different. Jaw crusher The accessories of jaw crusher include eccentric shaft, bearing bush, thrust plate, toothed plate, edge guard plate, pressing strip, etc.
1. Structural improvement of pulley and flywheel
At present, the belt wheel and flywheel commonly used in jaw crusher are integral, and the shaft hole is cylindrical, so it is very difficult to repair and disassemble, and it is easy to cause damage. Moreover, the vibration and impact load of jaw crusher is very large, if it is a little careless, it will appear serious wear and increase the maintenance cost. If the pulley and flywheel are designed as a combined type and the shaft hole is changed into a cone, it is convenient for disassembly and assembly, and it will not cause serious wear, and the maintenance cost can be saved.
2. Structural improvement of thrust pad
At present, the thrust plate of jaw crusher is of arc structure. In practice, this kind of structure does not reach the ideal effect, because the assembly accuracy of the two is difficult to meet the precise design requirements, and the plate pad of the thrust plate is easy to break in the work, which greatly increases the maintenance cost and makes it uneconomical to use. If the arc pad is changed to square, not only this kind of fault can be eliminated, but also the manufacturing and processing will be much more convenient.
3. Structure improvement of the adjustment seat of the frame
Now the fixed groove of the jaw crusher's adjusting seat is cast together with the frame. In fact, the upper track of the fixed groove will be severely worn after the casting process is used for a period of time, and the size of the discharge port is difficult to meet the requirements. If the circumferential groove track is properly widened in the casting, then a strip pad is added on the track surface and fixed on the back with bolts, so that when the pad is worn, only the pad can be replaced.
4. Structural improvement of backup plate
At present, the movable jaw plate and the fixed jaw plate of jaw crusher are both square plates. When replacing the jaw plate, it is rather troublesome. If a suitable position is found at both ends of the jaw plate, a hole of appropriate specification is processed in advance to hang the hook, so the maintenance will be very convenient.
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