Precautions for purchase of rock jaw crusher


Rock jaw crusher has the advantages of large crushing ratio, high production capacity and even products. The following is mainly about the purchase of rock jaw crusher precautions.
1. Rock properties. Different rocks have different hardness, humidity and density due to different formation reasons, so before crushing, we must know some properties of rocks, and choose a proper jaw crusher by properties. For example, different types of rock jaw crushers have different performances, such as impact, extrusion, splitting and other ways of operation. If the equipment is not properly selected, it will not only cause the phenomenon of too much powder, but also appear. Large rock particle size and poor finished product angle. Before choosing the equipment of rock jaw crusher, we must know the hardness of rock, especially the effect we want to achieve.
2. Users of the rock jaw crusher in and out of the particle size. According to the actual demand of production. After being crushed, rock raw materials are generally used for filling of building materials, mines, chemicals and other raw materials. Therefore, when the user purchases the rock jaw crusher, he should consider the application scope and the particle size requirements to be achieved, especially the different particle levels. In different production links, he should select different crushing equipment and matching screening equipment to realize the comprehensive utilization of the ore.
3. Production requirements. With the development of industrial technology, the crushing capacity of rock jaw crusher is higher and higher. If the equipment we buy fails to meet the required target or the output per hour reaches dozens of tons, then such equipment is unable to meet the crushing of more rock materials. Therefore, it is suggested that when we purchase rock jaw crusher, we should meet our needs, and at the same time, we should meet all kinds of rocks. It is more reasonable to choose what kind of equipment to use and how to arrange the production line, which will not cause idle waste of resources while satisfying the production.
4. Construction site. The specific situation of the construction site will directly affect the selection of rock jaw crusher and supporting equipment, such as the size of the construction site, the placement of equipment, etc., which will affect the specific design of the production line. Therefore, when customers choose rock jaw crusher, they need to consider the actual situation of the construction site.
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