Working principle of two types of jaw crushers


Jaw crusher (jawbone) is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises because of its simple structure, complete machine types and large scale. Jawbone crusher (jawbone) is mainly used as the first-class (coarse crushing and medium crushing) crushing machinery. It not only can be matched with mineral processing equipment and sand equipment, but also can be used alone. There are two types of jaw crushers: simple swing jaw crusher and complex swing jaw crusher
(1) Simple swing jaw crusher
Working principle
The simple swing jaw crusher has fixed jaw and movable jaw, fixed jaw is fixed on the front wall of the frame, and movable jaw is hung on the spindle. When the eccentric shaft rotates, it drives the connecting rod to move up and down, so that the two thrust plates also move back and forth. Through the function of thrust plate, the moving jaw suspended on the hanging shaft is driven to move back and forth. When the moving jaw swings to the fixed jaw, the material falling into the jaw cavity is mainly crushed and destroyed by the extrusion of the jaw plate. When the moving head is swung away from the fixed jaw, the crushed and destroyed materials are unloaded freely through the discharge port at the lower part of the jaw cavity under the action of gravity. Therefore, the work of jaw crusher is intermittent, and the process of crushing, destroying and discharging is carried out alternately in the jaw cavity. When the crusher works, all the points on the moving jaw are centered on the hanging shaft, and only circular arc swing is made. Because the movement track is simple, it is called simple swing jaw crusher, which is short for simple swing jaw crusher.
(2) Complex swing jaw crusher
Working principle
The movable jaw is directly hung on the eccentric shaft and driven by the eccentric shaft. The bottom of the movable jaw is supported on the rear wall of the frame by a thrust plate. When the eccentric axis is rolling, the moving jaw on the one hand is facing the fixed jaw to swing back and forth, at the same time, it also moves up and down to a large extent along the fixed jaw. The trajectory of each point on the moving jaw is not the same. The movement of the top is constrained by the eccentric axis, and the trajectory is close to the arc. In the middle part of the moving jaw, the trajectory is an elliptic curve, and the closer it is to the lower ellipse, the longer it is. This kind of crusher is called complex swing jaw crusher because of its complicated moving track at each point of moving jaw.
Advantages and disadvantages of compound pendulum jaw crusher
(1) The movement of the double pendulum jaw crusher is not synchronous at the upper and lower ends, so it can crush and discharge materials alternately, so the power consumption is average.
(2) The vertical stroke of the moving jaw is relatively large, which is favorable for discharging, especially for discharging viscous and humid materials.
(3) Compared with the simple pendulum jaw crusher, the structure is simple, light and compact, and the production capacity is high.
(4) Because the vertical travel of the moving jaw is large, the materials are not only squeezed, but also worn by the Department, which aggravates the phenomenon of over breaking and destruction of materials, increases energy consumption, produces large dust, and the jaw plate is easy to wear.
(5) When the compound pendulum jaw crusher breaks the material, the moving jaw is affected by the huge accumulation force, which directly acts on the eccentric shaft. At present, this kind of crusher is made into medium and small ones.

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