Material analysis of jaw crusher selection


Introduction of Jaw Crusher
Jaw crusher equipment is usually used to crush and process various high hardness stones. It is widely used in mining, smelting, building materials, roads and other industries. Raw material crushing and coarse crushing operations. The jaw crusher produced by Zhengzhou Yonglong Company has reasonable structure design, simple operation, convenient and flexible, and the output is 30% higher than the user's prediction. This can make the crusher run more stable and the equipment life longer.
Material analysis of jaw crusher selection
How to choose a jaw crusher? When buying a jaw crusher, it is more important for the user to choose the equipment. If the crusher model selected by the user is unreasonable or does not match, it will not only affect the user's production efficiency, but also seriously cause useless investment. Therefore, before buying a jaw crusher, user choice is a more important issue. Because different types of stone have different specifications and hardness, the selection factors of jaw crusher include stone specifications, hardness, and output.
Material hardness
Material hardness is one of the factors affecting the choice of crusher model. Each stone or other raw material has varying degrees of hardness and softness. Before choosing a crusher model, the user must know the hardness of the material. If the hardness is difficult to determine, it is recommended to use a professional instrument to determine the hardness of the material. The jaw crusher has a relatively high compressive strength of 320 MPa.
Material specifications
The size of the material determines the size of the crusher equipment. If the user's material is too large, it cannot be used to handle small-sized equipment, which will not only affect the equipment production efficiency, but also have a certain impact on the equipment life. After all, the material facing the crusher is a material with a certain hardness. If the material specifications are not appropriate, the service life of the equipment will be severely damaged.
Material output
Material output is an approximate prediction before the user purchases the equipment, and the size of the output is definitely one of the factors affecting the size of the equipment model. The average user should accurately predict the output before purchasing the device. Only by providing accurate output data can users create more matching devices. Yonglong Machinery Factory produces various crushing equipment, which can basically meet the requirements of customers above the output, more than 30% of the output.
Material type
Common material types are: river pebble, granite, basalt, iron ore, limestone, quartz, coal gangue, construction waste, etc. Special materials, if it is not suitable for jaw crusher equipment, you need to choose other equipment. For example, mobile crushers are often used for construction waste treatment. For materials with strong hardness, counterattack may be used. Some materials, in special cases, need to decide which crusher to use based on the nature of the material.
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