What should we pay attention to in the safe operation of tire shredder


How to use the tire shredder safely, there are five details that need our attention:
1. Installation of tire shredder
The tire shredder should be fixed on the cement base. If the workplace is changed frequently, the shredder and motor should be installed on the base made of angle iron to prevent the damage of the tire shredder caused by moving back and forth.
2. It is necessary to check the start-up of the equipment of the tire paper-tearing machine.
Before starting, it is necessary to check whether the local connecting bolt of the unit is tightened, whether the belt is tightened properly, and whether the power cord is good. Whether the motor shaft is parallel to the shredder shaft. Check the blade to see if the screen is in good condition.
3. Notices for Start-up of Small Tire Tearing Equipment
After startup, first make the equipment idle for 2-3 minutes, check whether the rotor steering is correct and the sound is normal. Only when the speed is stable at the rated speed can it work.
4. Safety Operation Requirements of Tyre Ripper in Use
In the work, attention should always be paid to the condition of the shredder, and the feed should be averaged in order to prevent blockage and not overload for a long time. If it is found that there is vibration, noise, excessive temperature between the bearing and the body and spraying material outward, the inspection should be stopped immediately, and the fault should be eliminated before continuing to work. Damaged materials should be carefully inspected and no foreign bodies such as stones or tires should be mixed in to avoid damaging the machine. When the machine is running, the operator shall not disassemble or disassemble the machine to check the working condition of the tearing room. When blockage occurs, operators are strictly prohibited to put their hands into the filling bucket. When feeding, stand on the side of the shredder to prevent rebounding debris from injuring the face. Do not close immediately after work, idle for 2-3 minutes, so that the material in the machine is completely discharged.
5. Inspection and maintenance of tire shredder after shutdown
When the tire shredder is closed, the main vulnerable blades should be checked in time. After wear, the whole set of blades should be replaced at the same time, whether in the same direction or in the same direction. When replacing the new blade, the whole set of blades should be replaced at the same time, instead of replacing the old blade with a single blade. Screen is also vulnerable parts, such as local damage enough riveting, serious damage needs to replace the new screen. After 300 hours of operation, the tire crusher should clean the bearings and replace the oil.

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