How does the tire shredder work


Tire shredder is a kind of equipment used to break diagonal tire and radial tire. Its purpose is to break the tire into rubber blocks of about 50 x 50 mm, so as to facilitate the subsequent crushing process. It is the preferred machine for crushing rubber tires. Its structure mainly includes: feeding hopper, motor, transmission system, crushing chamber, screening mechanism and frame and other parts.
The working principle of the tire shredder is as follows:
The motor drives the cutter disc in the crushing chamber to rotate through the transmission system, and then feeds the tire with the conveyor whose outer diameter of the tire lip steel ring is less than or equal to 1 200 mm into the feeding hopper of the equipment. The tire enters the crushing chamber through the feeding hopper. The cutter disc breaks the tire by shearing and tearing. In the crushing process, the tire is less than or equal to 50. The material of *50 leaks out from the screen and enters the following process; the material of more than 50 *50 returns to the crushing chamber through the roller screen for cyclic crushing until the size of the rubber block meets the requirements and discharges the crusher.
The structure features of the tire shredder are as follows:
1. Rolling shear is adopted to optimize the force condition, reduce the stuck phenomenon of rotating cutter disc, and reduce the overturning moment of crushing chamber.
2. Cycloidal pinwheel reducer or planetary gear reducer has the advantages of high load-carrying capacity, high efficiency, low noise, small volume, light weight and long service life.
3. The blade of surfacing cutter head with high hardness and wear-resistant alloy electrode has long service life and can be repaired and grinded repeatedly.
4. The tool axle is quick to disassemble and assemble, easy to install and maintain.
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