Can the speed of the tire shredder be controlled


The tire shredder is relatively slow, which is the unique function of the equipment. The speed of the tire shredder can be adjusted. It can be adjusted according to different materials. For materials that are easier to cut, tool speeds can be adjusted more quickly, such as scrap and light metal materials. These materials can be cut at hand, can quickly adjust the speed of crushing tools, improve speed, increase output value, energy saving, high efficiency, low energy consumption.
For the surrounding materials, we can adjust the speed of the tool to a slower speed than the speed, rather than cutting the knitted bags, waste wires and cables, and timely adjust the speed of the crushing tool to increase the occlusal strength and cut. It can also smash the surrounding materials faster. It is very scientific to adjust the speed of the cutting tool of the tire shredder according to different materials. Sometimes the output value can be increased to prevent unnecessary tool wear and prolong the service life of the cutter.
How to Detect the Wear of Tire Ripper Blade
1.Also known as pre-grinding period. Due to the rough appearance of the new equipment, things are not smooth, there are a series of shortcomings such as small folds, oxidation or carbon layer. The device has sharp edges, and the surface of the cutter is not very large, and the pressure is greater. Therefore, the wear of the tire shredder tool during this period is also known as the operation of the equipment. During this period, it is not recommended to replace things because it is the operation cycle of the equipment and the value of the present invention can be increased.
2. This is normal wear during running-in period. After a period of time, the rough appearance is basically a polishing knife, and the knife has worn at the beginning, but because it is in sharp edges, the wear is very slow. Therefore, under normal operating conditions, the film crushing equipment is very stable and slow during wear.
3.This is an important period. We need to pay close attention to the wear and tear of blades. If the width of the wear band extends to a certain limit, the surface roughness, cutting force and cutting temperature increase rapidly, and the wear rate increases rapidly, resulting in tool failure and loss of cutting ability. In the rational use of production supplies, to ensure the quality of processing, wear and tear should be prevented for a period of time. Before the arrival of this period, it is necessary to replace the tool or blade in time.

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