Factors affecting the quality of jaw crusher discharge


When we buy jaw crushers, there are many factors to consider, one of the most important is the quality of the jaw crusher discharge, because the ultra-high discharge quality is what every user wants to achieve, because the jaw crusher discharge quality directly affects the interests of the enterprise, then what factors are affecting the jaw crusher discharge quality?
1. Crushing ratio
We should all know that the crushing ratio refers to the ratio of the particle size of the imported material and the crushed finished material. Therefore, the larger the ratio, the greater the crushing ratio and the higher the crushing quality. Otherwise, it means the lower the crushing quality. Jaw crusher mainly refers to the high content of needle and flake materials. When the crushing ratio is small, not only the discharge quality is low, but also the internal circulation of the crusher increases and the jaw crusher wear increases, which will reduce the production efficiency.
2. Feed size
When the feed particle size is reduced from 100 mm to 50 mm, the needle plate content in the finished product will decrease by 38%, and the discharge quality of the jaw crusher will also decrease.
3. Cyclic load
The operation of the jaw crusher will form a closed-circuit circulation system. If the discharge port is increased at this time, the load in the cycle will be increased, and the particle shape of the stone will be improved. In this process, the increase of the circulating load will also increase the wear of the equipment in the system. However, when the discharge port is increased, the load of the main jaw crusher motor can be reduced and the deformation of the finished product particles will be good.
4. Open and closed cycle
People who are familiar with the production performance of jaw 
crusher all know that in the secondary crushing process, the circulation is divided into two parts: the open circuit circulation is called screening before crushing, and the closed circuit circulation is called crushing first and then screening. The first screening and then crushing refers to that the material after the first stage crushing is sieved and then enters into the secondary crushing inlet for crushing. In this way, the output of finished materials will be increased The content of needle and flake increases. Crushing before screening refers to that all the materials broken in the first stage enter into the feed inlet of the secondary crusher, and then enter the finished product screen for screening after re breaking. As the whole system is a closed system, there is no loss of broken materials during the period. Although the circulation load is large, the product has good grain shape and high discharge quality.
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